Master Background



Located in the United Kingdom, Steven Bright is a professional tarot reader, published author and mentor. As well as writing for magazines such as The Cartomancer, Watkins Magazine and Take a Break Fate & Fortune, Steven is also the designer and author of Spirit Within Tarot (Schiffer Books, 2017). Steven's book Tarot: Your Personal Guide was released by Wellfleet Press in 2018.


Steven has been involved with tarot for over twenty years. He receives clients in person but also reads for people all over the world via Skype and Facetime.


As well as consulting the cards and writing about tarot, Steven also offers mentoring online and has taught many public classes. He has assisted new and established readers with their tarot development. In October 2017, he was invited to speak at the largest tarot event in the United Kingdom, The U.K. Tarot Conference. He also delivered a presentation and workshop at the annual TABI (Tarot Association of the

British Isles) conference in Birmingham in July 2018.