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 "Steven's reading was extremely accurate. He was intuitively able to tap into a past dilemma and provide some insight  to help me transition into a more positive one. I highly recommend Steven. He is an extremely gifted reader"

Lily Moses, Australia



"My daughter loved her [Personal Touch] reading! She thought the whole package was beautiful and the reading was precient and very pertinent"

Viviene, United Kingdom



"My Personal Touch reading was so aesphetically beautiful - the delicate scent of incense on the paper, a truly insightful reading, giving hope and reassurance"

Tina, United Kingdom



"The design and your handwriting is so beautiful! As was the postcard. It really has a 'personal touch'! It felt like a letter from a pen pal"

Katrin, Germany



"I chose the six card layout with a query regarding my career. Steven's reading was not only clear and easy to understand, but also extremely intuitive. It has provided me with much needed guidance and advice"

Susan, Cumbria, United Kingdom



"Having this guidance is really helpful. I enjoyed the reading descriptions - you're a very good writer and communicator. Thank you again for the reading and clarity"

Priscila, Texas, United States



"I was fortunate enough to get one of the handwritten readings from the  remarkable Steven Bright and what a beautiful experience. A special treasure. I shall turn to the words he wrote me over and over again for comfort and guidance"

Ali, United States



"I was so surprised by Steven's reading ... it arrived in a beautiful package, high quality material and smelling beautifully. While I was reading I could feel Steven in front of me as a dear friend, giving me some valuable pieces of advice. He had no idea but he just gave me insights about something that I was thinking about"

Rachel, Toronto, Canada



"I treated myself to a personal touch reading from the fabulous Steven Bright and not only did it arrive in style (and smelling divine), but it has provided me with just the insight I needed, exactly when I needed it. This really was a 'personal touch' reading and I love it!"

Chester, Sheffield, United Kingdom



"My reading with Steven gave me information I needed at that time and really helped me on my path! It also calmed me down and suggested I not rush things. I recommend Steven for any of your questions. I'm looking forward to being Steven;s regular customer from now on!"

Vedezevalec Rok, Slovenia



"Your readings are poetry to my ears. You are a bright inspiration to the world"

Donnaleigh de La Rose, United States



"I just had a truly wonderful one-hour reading over IG video chat with Steve. He is a true intuitive who gets to the point quickly and expresses his thoughts in a clear and accessible way.

Steven helped me frame my issues in concrete terms, and I left feeling like I had a solid grasp of the best course of action. I greatly appreciated Steve's openess and flexibility. He's simply a really good guy and I enjoyed our time together"

Scott, New York