160 page guide

Wellfleet Press

ISBN - 10: 1577151798

ISBN - 13: 978 - 1577151791


"This book is beautifully illustrated and I know I will return to it time after time as I learn more about reading the cards. I found the layout appealing and easy to follow. The level of detail was intricate without being overwhelming"

(5 stars - Amazon customer)


"This is a book you can give to nearly anyone who may be curious or need an education about the constructive wonders and deep safety of tarot. This is a book for the ages"

(5 stars - Amazon customer)


"I've read quite a few tarot books and deck booklets over the years. I will say that this book had some of the best meanings of the individual cards, outlining their meaning in general, in a situation, as a person, keywords and reversed meanings. Overall, a tarot book that should be a great reference for beginners and intermediate readers"

(5 Stars - Amazon customer)


'Easy to read; clear and straight to the point wordings"

(5 stars - Amazon customer)


"Probably the best tarot book I ever read!!!!"

(5 stars - Amazon customer


"Everyone who wants to learn about Tarot needs 'Tarot: Your Personal Guide"

Brittany, Canada

96 page guide

Schiffer Publishing

ISBN-10: 0764353888

ISBN-13: 978-0764353888


"... each card is filled with mystery and emotion ... Spirit Within Tarot sits in a modern world we can all relate to"



"Deceptively simple, yet deeply profound ... entirely original, yet lovingly based on tradition ... will stimulate intuition, making this an exceptional deck for study, contemplation and divination"

CHRISTIANA GAUDET, author of 'Fortune Stellar' and 'Tarot Tour Guide'


"A deck that conceals to reveal - powerful, poignant, compelling you to explore the shadows. A magical and revelatory new deck"

BENEBELL WEN, author of 'Holistic Tarot' and creator of 'Spirit Keepers Tarot'


"The use of silhouettes allows people of all backgrounds to easily relate to the images and imagine themselves in the scenes. At first glance the design looks simplistic but don't be deceived ... there is an openess in the images and a clever use of colour that, at the same time,  gives a clear structure and a lot of room to see fresh insights with each use"

(5 stars - Amazon customer)


"I received Spirit Within Tarot and I love this deck. The images are simple but spot on. Being easy to read is a plus without too much detail. Excellent!"

Sandra, New Jersey, United States

Tarot: Your Personal Guide

Spirit Within Tarot

1577151798 Deck Cover