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5 Card Wheel Email Reading


The 'Five Card Wheel' has sixteen positions on it. For your reading, sixteen cards will be drawn. However, you will have the choice of which five words (or positions) are revealed. This means that your reading can be personalised to suit your needs.

Once you have paid for your reading, please contact Steven (through the contact page on this site) and inform him of your five chosen words. Pick just five from the following list -

Day, Night, Unknown, Near, Far, Right, Wrong, Reap, Sow, Fix, Break, Give, Take, Past, Present, Future.

Along with your five words, please add a little background to the nature of your request and what area you would like the messages to focus on.

Your personal reading will be conducted and a PDF, with images, will be sent to your email within four working days*

*depending on schedule