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The Mystical Messanger

£24.00 (Sold out)

The Mystical Messenger is a handwritten reading.

Each reading will be written on parchment paper, in ink, and be between two to three pages in length.

The 10 card reading will be broken into three chunks, delivering messages from three cards in each. You can decide, once you have ordered and have been contacted by Steven, which three of the following subject areas you'd like included in your reading - Home, Work, Romantic Relationships, Friendships or Lifestyle. The tenth card will provide an extra message.

Each reading comes in a personally designed envelope, customised with gems, and contains one altered playing card, hand-collaged by Steven. This portable card, individual to each reading, contains a message or thought to inspire you. It can be carried or displayed for further insight and reflection.

Once you have ordered your reading (and added shipping for UK or overseas postage), Steven will contact you via email, discuss your three chosen options and any background information necessary and the reading will be posted within three working days, depending on schedule.