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The Personal Touch


This reading option is for those who like that added touch of old-style luxury.

Each two-card reading will provide messages of guidance for the coming month: it will be inspired by the tarot cards drawn and will be personally handwritten for each client by Steven. Each envelope is designed and handmade by Steven and will include a vintage-style signed postcard. To add to the charm, the envelope will be sealed with wax, tied with string and will include a personalised tag.

This reading option can be sent anywhere in the world. As well as being a perfect gift, it is something a client can treasure and refer to for time to come.

What you receive:

1 handwritten, 2 sided A4 reading on a personally designed 160 gsm champagne card

1 vintage-style postcard, personally chosen and signed by Steven

A personally designed envelope (made from 160 gsm card), signed, sealed and tied with a personalised tag.

If you'd like to order this limited reading, please make your payment through paypal. Once received, Steven will mail you (at your PayPal address) for further details. You can choose whether you'd like a male or female on your envelope and a little background information prior to reading is advantageous, though not necessary.

Please remember to add Snail Mail postage to your order at the checkout.

Disclaimer: Steven is happy to email proof of postage, once sent, but can not take responsibility for any delays or postage problems there after.